Fifty Shades of Grey

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey


This is the first I’ve ever tried to make a so-called trailer so blah!…………….So most of you might not know this, but I’ve been extremely obsess w/ the 50 Shades trilogy… Look, I even created a new channel w/ the name…. I never thought about reading these books until after freakin Ryan Seacrest kept talking about it for the millionth times and him pretending to be Christian was so disturbing, but the funniest part was the lady who worked downstairs reading as Ana.LOL…… When I started reading the first book, I questioned myself many times…”Why the hell am I reading this shit?” But I just can’t put it down. There’s these moments, moments where you can see that Christian might still have a heart. Then I kept wondering why is he like this and will he somehow change for Ana or will he just pull her in, etc..etc……The 2nd book was soooooooo much better. There was actually a real story w/ a plot. I LOVE it!!! All in all, I think these books would have been really boring w/out Christian’s “50 shades of fuck up.”

About the vid, I know it’s not 100% true to the story of the book, but hey I have to improvise since I’m using TVD for it, but the feel is there. And I had to find something w/ Ian in it cuz he was Christian in my head the entire time I was reading the books. He’s just so damn hawt and w/ that eyes of his, HOLY SHIT!!!!! Seriously, I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t cast him as Christian.T.T And for Ana, I’m not really sure who I wanna be cast. All I have to say is whoever it is, Nina will be freakin jelly if Ian is Christian. We’re not just talking about make-out scenes If Ian was mine, the green eyed monster will be larking.LOL
Anywho, I heard the author might write these books again from Christian’s POV, OMG….I will surely die if she did. When I read the last chapter w/ his pov of how they first met, I was left aching for more of Christian. It would be so freakin awesome to read his crazy ass mind.

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